Inspiring little hearts toward Allah

Passionate about helping little hearts get closer to Allah, by creating educational, fun and wholesome songs and content that teach and inspire.

Dada and Me Animated Series

A song series following Zain Bhikha and his grandson, Zayd, as they hop through the
amazing Song Machine and into new adventures.

Each song teaches valuable lessons in a fun and exciting way, and at the same time
children learn about each theme in relation to Qur’aan and Sunnah.

Dada and Me Sing-a-Long

All 10 songs in one place!

Have your kids sing-a-long to inspiring songs in the car or wherever you are!

Sleepytime App

Zain Bhikha’s Sleepytime will send your kids on a soothing journey to slumber, as they join Zain Bhikha in soothing praises of Allah & recite their sleep time surahs and du’aas.

Simply tap and play exclusively produced songs that are accompanied by sleep inducing, unique and calming animations. The relaxing sounds, warm environment, & soothing narrator’s voice create an enchanting experience that will help your child settle down and fall asleep in the remembrance of Allah.

Allah Made Everything - Songs for Muslim Kids

Zain Bhikha’s “Allah Made Everything – Songs for Muslim Kids” is now available on all major music streaming platforms!

Stream your favourites like “Give Thanks to Allah”, “25 Prophets” and “My Mum is Amazing” all the way to modern gems like “Cotton Candy Sky”, “Everything Belongs to Allah”, “Sleepytime” and everyone’s favourite “Allah Made Everything”.

Hear from happy parents

My 15 month old son absolutely loves watching Dada and Me. The animation, the lyrics and the message is absolutely incredible. Masha’Allah.

– mamayasin22

Dada and Me

My little one is really enjoying the Dada and Me series. Each song has such a lovely lesson, Masha’Allah.



– ayesha_ganie 

Dada and Me
My daughter was so crabby the whole day, I played Sleepytime and she felt at ease and slept quicker than usual! Absolutely love the app!

– amz331

Sleepytime App

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